Mother and Daughter In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

14 Sep

“I always wanted to be like her,” Amanda Geha smiled while looking at her mom.

It’s a mother-daughter relationship to be admired.

“She would sit in the car and put her lipstick on and I would usually take it from her and put my lipstick on,” Amanda remembered.

Amanda and Georgia Geha are as close as can be, which made a 2011 diagnosis all the more difficult to process.

“I actually found a lump in my armpit and called the doctor,” Georgia said. “They did some testing and three weeks later [I found out] that I had cancer.”

A conversation no mother wants to have and news, no daughter wants to hear.

“I was in my senior year of college and she called me, I remembered exactly where I was on campus.” Amanda described. “Being as close as we are, I can usually tell when she has news.”

School was the last thing on Amanda’s mind, she just wanted to help.

“When you get that news, immediately, I’m thinking okay, I’m just going to defer for a year, go home and be with her,” she said. “But I know she never would’ve let me do that.”

Georgia survived a partial mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation.

“What was that journey like for you because for everyone it’s different?” I asked Georgia. “When I got the news, my first thought was, okay how do I get rid of it. I honestly never thought once that this could’ve killed me,” she said.

It was around the same tie, when this dynamic duo realized they wanted to get more involved in the quest for a cure, through AVON39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer.

“When did you decide this is what I’m going do, walk 39 miles with AVON?” I asked Amanda. “I was sitting on the subway going to work one morning and I saw an ad, I figured that’s pretty cool, and something I could actually do to be helpful.”

Amanda joined first but it quickly became a family tradition, complete with a team name and logo. And they’re already lacing up for this October.

“I train and walk about four or five days a week,” Georgia said. “Well, I live here so I walk everywhere so I feel like I’m training every day,” Amanda laughed.

Click here for more information about the AVON39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer.


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