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Arianna Huffington Talks To Tamsen Fadal About The Importance of Sleep

13 Sep

She’s the power behind the Huffington Post, a 15-time author, entrepreneur and media mogul.
But it was clear as soon as a I sat down with Arianna Huffington, it’s her role as a mom that takes center stage.

“I have this absolute rule when one of my daughters call I will interrupt anything I’m doing,” Arianna said. “Everyone knows it will normally last for 10 seconds because I want to make sure it’s nothing urgent.”

In fact, it was her oldest daughter, Christina, who found her mother when she collapsed from exhaustion nine years ago.
“I hit my head and I came to in a pool of blood, it was actually quite funny my sister saw me and she fainted,” Arianna remembered. “Thank god Christina walked in, who was a teenager at the time and she took charge.”

That was the trigger behind her book, ‘The Sleep Revolution.’ It has changed the way she lives life and does business. She sleeps eight hours a night and unplugs completely.

“We may be exhausted, our bodies are tired but we haven’t turned off our brain,” she explained. “That’s why I recommend a half hour before you go to sleep turning off your devices, charging them in another room and having a hot bath or shower, just wash the day away.”


US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power Interviewed By Tamsen Fadal

13 Sep

From France to Germany to right here in the United States, it’s becoming a frightening norm our government’s highest officials are working to stop.

“Terrorism is the number one challenge clearly, one that is hitting more and more countries,” U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said.

A challenge that requires a global effort.

“[It’s] about] getting our systems better where we are sharing more information and where a terrorist doesn’t have a chance to dodge national security in one country by going to a weak state where they get to hang out unbothered,” she

I sat down with United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, to try and understand the complexities and how we, as a society, can help.

“We understand the reach of social media, where do you begin with that process?,” I asked. “The private companies are a lot more alert to this and they’re doing more to prevent the violence,” she replied. “It’s not going to be governments alone, it really needs to be citizen action, community action.”

Social media is also what this Pulitzer Prize winner is using to promote bringing refugees into the United States.

“It gets away from the abstraction, are you for refugees or are you against them,” she explained. “It makes it about real individuals, totally humanizing the issue.”

The #RefugeesWelcome campaign centers around celebrities who are immigrants, highlighting their positive contributions.

“We have this amazingly rich record of bringing more than three million people,” she said. “None of whom has carried out a terrorist attack in the United States.”

A message of diversity and acceptance, this wife and mother of two hopes to pass on to her children.

“My kids keep me honest,” she smiled. “I come home and I feel like I nailed it in the Security Council and my boy would go, ‘did they change what they were doing?’ and I say, not quite yet, but give me time.”

Helping her balance the professional with the personal? A close confidant, you may have heard of him, President Obama.

“[He played] a critical role in preventing me from screwing up my relationship with my now husband,” Ambassador Power remembered. “Once he has seen you most vulnerable and encouraged your relationship, I think you can talk about ISIL or anything else.”

And as the youngest U.S. Ambassador, she’s worked to connect with people around the world on a more, let’s say, entertaining, level.

“A few of the highlights have been taking the women ambassadors to see Eclipsed,” she said. “I did get 15 tickets to Hamilton, you would think I would be able to solve the war in Syria since I did that.”

From the laughs to the long hours, this job is extremely demanding but the key word for Ambassador Power is balance.

“I try to blend it all, I’ve been in the administration now going on eight years,” she said. “It’s a 24/7 commitment, but I know there will be life after government as well.”

WPIX anchor Tamsen Fadal

21 Oct